ABlackBox = For Your Safety

Do you encounter the following situations it!

Touch ... ... you will not drive in the end ah, is that you suddenly hit me from behind to overtake the yeah!

I am here is the green light, red light does not recognize you!

I just obviously did not move, it is your own car, hit me back slip, why should I pay you?

Whenever a traffic accident, the dialogue is repeated three there, obviously the fact is the case, but then get a Dodge each other in every possible way, knowing the facts is not the case, but can not refute the evidence presented, when the traffic police arrive on-site processing, only relying on the scene and Liangzao saying the two sides to draw the scene graph.

Vehicle damage is a small matter, however, if the casualties involve traffic accidents, the intersection did not shoot the monitor, or the lack of witnesses to come forward to prove, are necessary indemnities trouble it? Legal sanctions to the perpetrators do not get it?

Burden of proof is not the loser

Some people may think this is unnecessary, as long as they pay more attention to car accidents can be avoided, but since called the accident that occurred in the unexpected, the only relevant experience occurred in people who can truly appreciate the importance of traffic recorder , for evidence of the era, which side do you think the law will stand it?


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