Fashion Designed portable jump starter rechargeable mini jump starter CL-G10



Type: Li-po
Max current: 400A 
Capacity: 6000mah
Products Size:143x80x25.5mm    
Weight(g): 320g
Starting current:200A
Peak current:400A
Full charging time:2hours
Operating temperature range:-10℃-60℃


1. Powerful capability for jump Start 12V vehicle  compact jump starter 
2. Supply power for Mobile,  MP3/MP4, PSP, Camera and other digital devices.
3. Supply power for car refrigerator, blast pump, and other 12V devices.
4. LED light (light, burst flashing, SOS) compact jump starter

5. Use high power polymer cells, fast charging and low self-discharge, cycles can reach 3000 times. 
6. Support 12V vehicle for emergency start, portable illumination and various mobile phone,

     PSP, MP3/MP4 Pocket as well as other products charge / power supply;

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